💖 Happy birthday, Max! 🎉

Max, you pour your heart and soul into Hack Club.
Thank you, from all of ours.



(yes, caps-lock was intentionally left on)

You’re 22 now…I think?

Aside from that, I can’t believe it’s been a year already. You’ve taught me a lot since then, whether it be during those hour-long calls or those long exchanges on Slack past midnight. Many thanks for replying to all my requests for help with code and general advice to normal teenager problems 😛.

Your sleep schedule is also the craziest I’ve ever heard of—grinding for 24 hours and then crashing for 12 is both a remarkable and frightening feat. Please regulate your sleep schedule, because it’s very important!

It was awesome to finally meet you in-person last month at Los Altos Hacks. Thanks for telling me what hackathons are really about—I didn’t know what they were really for before that. We only hung out for a day—not enough time in my opinion…that definitely needs to be changed. I’ll most likely travel to SF this summer, so I’m really looking forward to having an unforgettable time then!

Also, here’s a picture of you meditating:

Max: Meditation mode

- Victor

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